Year-long Program plus Online Conference

May 16-19, 2025
8:00 EDT (UTC -4)

Registration to open on

September 20, 2024 10:00 am
America/New_York (EDT)


Online Conference

Country & Committee Matrix

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Delegates begin with an online orientation, introductions, ice-breakers and a review of Rules of Procedure. After that, they have an informal and fun moment with ways to interact socially with peers from around the world.
The committee floor opens for delegations to present their speeches for the first topic on the agenda. The delegates express their positions and listen to the opinions of others, engaging in formal and informal discussion, negotiation and collaboration with an aim to produce a draft resolution that will be passed by consensus.


The committee continues its work on the first topic, meeting in informal small groups to formulate their solutions into working papers which will be molded into the formal wording of a draft resolution.


After the completion of Topic 1, the committee reconvenes and moves into speeches to discuss the second agenda topic.


Continuing their engaging discussions and negotiations, a second draft resolution is produced by the committees and either passed by consensus or voted on. Each committee elects Closing Bureaus made up of three delegates to represent each topic.


Outside of the Committee sessions there are many activities that surround the Online conference. On May 10th is the Meet Your Fellow Student Ambassadors and the Opening Ceremony. On May 14th is the “MMUN Culture Party” an event livestreamed on Crowdcast to share cultural music and customs with peers and even submit personally recorded dance challenges or video recipes! On May 20th is Closing Ceremony and Celebration Festival live streamed on Crowdcast which goes from the closing bureau and important speakers directly into our Celebration Festival full of music, dance, and the songwriting performance.

“Fun” is the name of the game throughout the conference as it is sprinkled with ways to interact socially with peers from around the world. Submit creative designs surrounding the conference SDG theme for a contest, turn home-made flag artwork into a virtual background to use during committee sessions, , and apply to participate in a song-writing workshop to create music that expresses goals for solving world problems.

Key Dates

September 20th, 2024 10:00 AM ET

Schools Are Financially Responsible As Soon As They Register! Full Payment Due By Payment Deadline.

October 16th, 2024

December 11th, 2024

March 26th, 2025


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