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Remarkable Student Impact

Students are changed through the process of becoming an MMUN delegate. Representing a country is a very real activity for a young person, not just a simulation, and they discover that they can become active in solving real-world problems. That discovery lasts a life-time.

Immersing students in opportunities for multicultural engagement
develops global awareness, collaborative experience,
and problem-solving skills


Montessori Model
United Nations

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A small investment
in education
goes a long way

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Benefits for

Parent’s Role

We never understimate the role parents play in encouraging their children to participate in MMUN, helping them with research, and sponsoring their trips to conferences. Parents are one of the most important parts of our program.

Teacher’s role and responsibility

Teachers are our biggest allies. They not only prepare their students for committee, but also organize the group’s year-round and conference activities. Their commitment is fundamental as they comprehend the impact of MMUN on their students and continue to guide them to fulfill their passions afterward.

Different to make
a difference

The Montessori Model UN approach is consensus based. Just like the UN General Assembly, it’s about negotiation and inclusion… the real reward is finding a resolution to real-world problems. We involve students from 9 years of age because at this particular age, children begin to develop a strong sense of social justice.