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The Press Corps of Montessori Model United Nations is an important component of simulating the work of the United Nations. As an intergovernmental organization, the UN itself serves as a platform for discussion between the nations of the world and their respective societies. As such, MMUN offers middle school students the possibility to become reporters, each of whom represents a news agency, rather than representing countries as delegates do. Reporters take on the unique task of summarizing and disseminating news of the happenings of the conference. The articles will be posted using the MMUN social media pages and a blog, which was created for this committee in particular.

The press is a key component of accountability. Delegates at the UN represent the opinions and interests of their countries and its citizens, and the reporting of the press corps allows the general public to check on their representatives and exercise influence on them as necessary. Additionally, media organizations can magnify the voice of underrepresented or oppressed groups, such as minorities, by providing them with a platform to speak. Through investigative journalism, media organizations can spotlight issues that might otherwise be overlooked.

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What is Press Corps? 

Why Press Corps?

Press Corps at the Conference 

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Background Guides will be available online immediately following your registration for an MMUN conference.

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