Youth Impact! Forum

The Youth Impact Forum


How do you prepare adolescents for:

the times in which they live,

the justice they seek and

the world they will inherit?


It begins with the Youth Impact Forum Teacher’s Workshop and culminates with students presenting their projects to potential partners, investors, mentors and members of the United Nations community at the YIF Project Showcase. This is the next step after Model UN, moving from Simulation to Implementation as Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs demonstrating adolescents as agents of social and environmental change. Montessori wrote, ‘what interests the adolescent now is the mission of humankind.’

The Youth Impact Forum has three steps:

  1. The Workshop for teachers and parents provides the tools to support student implementation of their ideas for social or environmental improvement;
  2. The Project Showcase provides the forum for the students to present their projects to potential partners, investors, mentors and members of the United Nations community at the YIF Project Showcase.
  3. The Student Implementation in collaboration with support of their mentors and potential funders activates the leadership capacity of adolescents, their civic engagement and improves their community, locally, regionally or globally, for the benefit of their generation and those of the future.

Implementation Plan

  • YIF Teacher Workshop – August 8th-10th, 2018 in NYC

There are four stages in the development of civic engagement: Awareness, Understanding, Responsibility and Action.

At the YIF Teacher Workshop, we will first raise awareness about the impact of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and then provide project development activities to enable you to unleash the potential of their students.

During the 2.5-day Teacher Workshop, you will learn how to engage students to identify a problem that deeply concerns them and will be provided with the tools to fully implement their projects:

  • How to build teams and networks to tackle specific social issues
  • How to write SMART Goals and apply them to their projects
  • How to create a business plan
  • How to create a budget and “business pitch” for their projects
  • How to utilize social media for marketing and fundraising
  • How to put it all together as an Implementation Plan to be presented at the Youth Impact! Forum

You will be briefed by UN experts on the SDGs.

  • YIF Project Showcase- February 13th-14th, 2018 New York City

The culminating event will take place at the MMUN Conference where students will link their projects to potential investors, NGOs and Foundations for seed funding or partnerships. During the two-day event, students will refine their projects and presentation skills with the help of successful young social entrepreneurs as they prepare to showcase their projects.

Students awarded funding for their iYES Project

  • YIF Mentor Program

Once the students have completed the Implementation Plan, they can ask to be matched with mentors, who will work with them on a scheduled basis and via email during the initial implementation period of their plan, estimated to be 4-6 months following the Summit.

Professionals in international relations, the UN system and project management have already agreed to act as mentors. The professional mentors come from UN Women, UNDP, Columbia University’s SIPA, the Environmental Protection Agency, the World Bank, Price Cooper Waterhouse among others.

Building an International Youth Movement

The impact of YIF will be viewed as a youth movement inspired by students all over the world.

The students will have access to a growing network of young social makers of change, connecting them with peer to peer resources that continue to inspire them long after the event is complete. The networking aspect of the YIF is through our SDG Bridge App which will provide access to project support tools, peers and potential mentors, partners and investors.

Montessori, “…in the minds of these boys and girls there lies all our hope of future progress and the judgement of ourselves and our times.”

To Register for the Workshop: , Click on the ‘Register’ button next to Youth Impact Forum


August 8-10, 2018


Registration for the workshop is $395 early bird; after June 1, $450


August 8th-2pm United Nations

August 9th and 10-the Regus Board Room,

Address: 750 3rd Avenue, 9th floor , NYC

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