‘2020 Topics and Committees’ MMUN Webinar

August 30th - 30th, 2019 Free Webinar

For Upper Elementary and Middle School Teachers

MMUN is pleased to announce a free webinar: “MMUN 2020 Topics and Committees”, held by Judith Cunningham and David Drouin.

Please forward any advance questions to info@nullmontessori-mun.org so they can be answered during the webinar.

Please note that only teacher coordinators who have taken the MMUN workshop can join us for the free webinar.

This webinar will provide participants an overview of the MMUN 2020 topics, why they were selected and how to approach them.  The researcher and author of the guides will share advice on how to help the students prepare for their understanding and research.

MMUN selects topics both for their immediacy and relevance to students of this age and to expand their understanding of the world’s current problems. These topics are on the current United Nations agenda providing links on each background guide to its position of the committee agenda. Most of the committees are chosen from the six General Assembly Committees; but also included are:

  • Food and Agriculture Organization to understand the important relation relationship of food, agriculture and the SDGs;
  • Economic and Social Council topics to focus on gender equality and protecting forests, giving students a platform to discuss issues that they directly encounter in their lives;
  • Human Rights Commission to highlight the importance of human rights, which is a central pillar of the United Nations’ founding documents and core principles and
  • Security Council as it is the only committee with binding legal authority

For Middle School delegates, MMUN has provided three additional committees that focus on topics more accessible to that developmental age. They are:

  • UN Office of Crime and Drugs to shed light on crime and corruption that inhibit human progress;
  • Press Corps to provide a unique opportunity for students interested in journalism and for understanding that media is essential to understanding the world we live in and
  • Cyberbullying is something that students negotiate every day around the world and have particularly valuable insight into solutions and changes needed. Students from every continent will be selected by MMUN to represent the global perspective on this problem. They will return to their communities to implement their negotiated solutions.

Webinar Date

  • August 30th, 2019 4:00 PM (EST)


  • 60 minutes (Please note, you will receive a link by email to access the webinar before August 30th)


If you have questions please contact us at info@nullmontessori-mun.org.

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