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United Nations’ Montessori Model United Nations 2009

AMI e Bulletin – Victoria Barrés

In April 2009, 600 students from 60 Montessori schools gathered in New York City for the third Montessori Model United Nations programme (MMUN 2009).  They learn they can have a voice on world issues of peace, non-violence and social justice.  This programme is a fascinating ‘going out’ exercise for Montessori children, aged 9 to 15 years. Introduced twenty-five years ago, many Model UN programmes for high school and university students are held annually.  Three years ago, Ambassador Francis Lorenzo, the Dominican Republic Ambassador to the UN, asked Judith Cunningham if a Montessori Model UN existed.  When she said no, he suggested she do it.  The MMUN the first Model UN programme for younger children, is based on Montessori principles that encourage collaboration rather than competition.

The children learn about the UN and its sixty-year evolution towards greater dialogue and cooperation among the 192 member countries. Each class represents a country.

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Setting Off to Solve the World’s Woes
Pr. George’s Students Act as Ambassadors at Montessori Model U.N.

Washington Post

Makaela Jackson, a member of the U.N. Security Council, traveled to New York last week as part of a delegation from Great Britain on a mission to end the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

She debated her issue with ambassadors representing countries from around the world. Then, on the floor of the United Nations in Manhattan, she sponsored a resolution asking that technological research be conducted to create a device to deactivate such weapons.

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Montessori Students Present International Issues

Virgin Island Montessori School

Feb. 26, 2007 — Twelve junior diplomats tested their persuasive skills Monday afternoon before a largely admiring audience of about 150 fellow V.I. Montessori students.

They will find a less sympathetic audience Thursday and Friday, when they debate issues on the floor of the United Nations in New York in a Model Montessori UN Program, where they will be 12 of about 450 other delegates from Montessori schools throughout the mainland U.S., its territories and Canada. Continue reading at the St. Thomas Source…

Montessori Model UN

Harbour View Montessori, Canada

Nov 2006 — In November 2006, our Lower and Upper Elementary teachers traveled to the United Nations Headquarters in New York City to participate in the first Montessori Model UN Leaders Workshop. Continue to read more from Harbour View Montessori…

Boca Raton News

June 21, 2009

Summit Private School students in Boca Raton take lead on World Environment Day. To see article, click here.

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