Advisory Board Members

Advisory Board Members



andre roberfroid

Andre Roberfroid

Andre Roberfroid, former President of Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), was UNICEF Deputy Executive Director for programme and strategic planning, in charge of developing the overall UNICEF strategies in the field of child health, education, nutrition and child protection until his retirement in 2003. His past work involved work for children in Congo, Gabon, Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea, and Cameroon. In 1984 he became senior planning officer in the UNICEF regional office for the Middle East and North Africa, and advised governments on policies for children in all countries of the Middle East (from Morocco to Iran).

Ari Zoldan

Entrepreneur, television personality, motivational speaker, and humanitarian Ari Zoldan has gained national attention in the technology and media sectors.  

A regular on FOX, CNN, CNBC, and NBC, Ari provides expert commentary on technology, media and emerging trends. He is quoted regularly in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Fox News, Bloomberg, and CNN Money. He is a contributing writer for The Huffington Post, Fox News and TheStreet.com. Ari  spends time in emerging countries such as South Sudan, India, Uganda, Kenya, Nicaragua, Guinea, China, Haiti, Korea, Thailand, Burma, Colombia, Jordan and Egypt, and as part of his humanitarian support donates technology to under-served countries. His experiences and belief that strong spiritual business strategies can add to an organization’s bottom line, is reflected in his soon-to-be published book, Holy Business, 7 spiritual principles to great success.

Bremley Lyngdoh

Bremley W.B. Lyngdoh

Bremley was born in Shillong, the Scotland of the East located in the highlands of Meghalaya in North East India. He left home at the age of 17 on a mission: To see Sustainable Development pushed and practiced across the planet. His experience at the 1995 UN 50th Anniversary Assembly in New York left him convinced that helping people build a better life through social, environmental, and economic development was what he wanted to do. He returned to India to join the Consortium of Indian Scientists for Sustainable Development and worked on a project to combat desertification and to regenerate the desert ecosystem in Rajasthan. Soon followed the prestigious WWF Prince Bernhard Scholarship for Environmental Leadership.

Bremley received postgraduate degrees from Columbia University in the USA, the London School of Economics in the UK, the University of Geneva in Switzerland and the Intercultural Open University in the Netherlands. He has a dual Ph.D. in Sustainable Development from the Azteca University in Mexico and the Central University in Nicaragua. He is the Founder & CEO of Worldview Impact, the Co-Founder of the Global Youth Action Network, a Co-Chair of the United Nations CSD Education Caucus, and a member of the MMUN Advisory Board.


Dr. Elisabeth Coe

Dr. Betsy Coe is a founding teacher coordinator of MMUN, internationally known and respected Montessorian who has made significant contributions to peace education. She is the principal of the Middle School and High School at School of the Woods in Houston, TX, and has been a pioneer in helping schools all over the world to spread Maria Montessori’s vision.

Dr. Betsy created the first AMS secondary education course while serving as executive director of the Houston Montessori Center, a teacher education center that hosts 100+ students each year from all over the world. Additionally,  she served on the AMS Board of Directors for 20 years, longer than anyone else in the history of the organization. 

Richard Ungerer

Mr. Ungerer has served in leadership positions of many organizations, including as Executive Director of the American Montessori Society based in New York City from January 2005 through July 2017. Before joining AMS, he led a number of organizations committed to enhancing education and global learning including as President of the National Institute for Work and Learning, the “I Have a Dream Foundation;”  the Organization Development Network and the National Society for Internships and Experiential Education; and was a Special Assistant in the U.S. Office of Education.

Margo LaZaro

Ms. Margo LaZaro, is the President and Chair of the NGO Committee on Sustainable Development-NY Further, Ms. LaZaro represents Youth for a Better World: MMUN at the United Nations. She has thirty years of experience at the United Nations working in the UN NGO Community as a Chief Developer of meetings, conferences and Special Events with impactful messages that support the SDGs. In addition she serves as an outside consultant to both for profit and not for profit organizations that want to support the SDGs and become engaged in the UN and humanitarian projects.

Gloria Starr Kins

Dame Gloria Starr Kins, is a veteran UN Correspondent and Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of the influential Society and Diplomatic Review, a publication carefully read by many Ambassadors and Mission staff. Gloria is Vice-Chair of the Center for Global Action for Sustainable Development (CGASD), a founding member of UNICEF’s Manhattan chapter, the Islamic Council of Europe, and the Islamic Defense League in London. She also serves as a Government Liaison on the Board of Directors for the OCCAM Infopoverty World Conference and is the Oklahoma University liaison. In addition, she is the co-founder with Ambassador Salem Azzam and Muzzam Maley of Saudi Arabia of the Islamic Council of London.

Anushree Gupta

A University of California at Berkeley undergraduate student, Anushree has been a member of the MMUN family for the last 6 years. Presently Anushree is also a chair at the prestigious Berkeley Model UN (BMUN).
Anushree’s passion for giving a platform for youth to be heard has led to the creation of the SDG bridge App, sponsored by MMUN. It will enable thousands of youth with ideas from anywhere in the world to connect with the resources required to bring these ideas to fruition, by means of a simple smartphone and an internet connection.
She has been a delegate, member of the secretariat and Chair at several MUNs and MMUNs and represented MMUN at multiple educational conferences, She has also served as the Secretary-General at the IMUN at the Indian School Al Ghubra International, Muscat, Oman in 2017.

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