The MMUN Experience

Would you like to unleash the incredible power of the next generation? Would you like to help them develop communication, negotiation, leadership, social, and interpersonal skills? Would you like to empower them to make a difference towards a better world?

If so, then choose the tailored opportunity for you and join us! Together, we can achieve a greater impact towards a better world and a more meaningful life.

The Montessori Model UN Conference

A unique experience based on a program which combines the scholarship and global citizenry of Model United Nations with the pedagogical insights of Maria Montessori. At our conferences, students aged 9-15 years old assume the role of either an ambassador or a Press Corps reporter. Because the committees and their relevant topics are taken directly from the United Nations’ agenda, the students become deeply engaged in critical and contemporary world issues. Moreover, the conferences are designed to meet the needs of each student at his or her current stage of development. By working to solve real-world issues in a developmentally-appropriate setting, students become active members of the world they will inherit as adults. MMUN strives to foster this process by providing more than just a UN simulation:

  • Our special guests inspire and empower our participants. They range from Ambassadors to successful entrepreneurs, to UN staff or members of the United Nations community.
  • Our evening events maximize the integration of different cultures and their respective values. During the “Cultural Performance Night”, our delegates perform different cultural exhibitions, representing either their native or MMUN selected country’s tradition through music and dance.
  • Our broad range of workshops provides expertise on current and crucial topics which cover potential needs of parents, teachers, and visitors attending MMUN conferences.

The MMUN Teacher Courses

This course is the first step for all teachers, Montessori or not, who are new to Montessori Model UN and want to have their students participate in the MMUN Conferences. The course is a one-time activity required prior to attending all MMUN Conferences. Teachers in attendance will receive the Montessori Model UN Teacher Certificate.

The Bureau Leadership Courses

This course is designed for teachers and high school students who have attended at least one MMUN Conference. It enables them to become a bureau member, taking on one of the following roles: MMUN Secretariat, Committee Chair, Vice Chair, or Rapporteur. The MMUN Bureau is the organ in charge of leading the committee sessions.

The Youth Impact! Forum Showcase

The Youth Impact! Forum (YIF) Showcase is another immersive experience based on a program which fosters the leadership potential of adolescents. At the YIF Showcase, students aged 13-18 years old will present their business ideas towards environmental and social action plans to potential partners, investors, and mentors. The goal is to support their engagement in purposeful and cross-cultural projects which are designed to support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The YIF Teacher Course

This course is the first step for teachers who want to guide the commitment of their students to action. It focuses on the project development process as well as on tools and activities that will enable teachers to prepare students for their pitch at the YIF Showcase.


Our webinars are educational, informative, and instructional opportunities to gain insight into preparing for our programs.

MMUN is an NGO In Special Consultative Status with Economic and Social Council. It was founded in 2006 to inspire and empower youth to create a better world.

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