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“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” 

Helen Keller

The mission behind MMUN  stems from the paramount importance of giving youth the tools to use their own voices in pursuit of a better world.

We are pleased to acknowledge the schools that have supported MMUN conferences for five or more years and are actively engaged in providing their students a global education program.







Montessori Palau’s MMUN journey

“This year we will be attending the New York conference with four new Bureau members and a secretariat teacher, and our Rome group will be the biggest ever, with almost 70 participants all together.

We are convinced that our students’ interest in MMUN will continue to grow, as we strongly believe that it represents a worthwhile and meaningful part of our school’s curriculum. In fact, one of our eleventh-grade students has decided to dedicate his end of baccalaureate research project to the MMUN experience.”

By fulfilling two of the requirements below, your school can become a School Friend of MMUN:

Proactive commitment

Participate in MMUN conferences for 5 or more years. Students are just as capable of engaging in global peace education from the elementary level as they are at the high school and university levels.

Support sustainable growth

We will provide the tools for you to host an MMUN workshop to grow your impact from within your community. The workshops will help your community understand that the value of the education you are providing goes beyond traditional classroom activity to real-world outreach.

Leadership process

Encourage former or current students to develop their leadership by serving on the MMUN Bureau. Anchored by Montessori principles, MMUN alumni are empowered to guide the committee sessions. After completing their journey as delegates, MMUN will help them develop leadership skills, find, and pursue their life purpose.


If your school would like to join our Friends project send us an email at  schoolfriends@nullmontessori-mun.org with the following attachments:

  • MMUN School Friends Form
  • A brief letter describing your journey with MMUN
  • Pictures of your delegates at the MMUN conference
  • Logo of your school
  • Website address of your school

We look forward to working together in building opportunities for all the youth around the world.

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