Scholarship Program

MMUN has been able to share its mission of inspiring
and empowering youth to create a better world
with more than 40,000 families involved,
on 6 different continents.

MMUN strives to simulate the United Nations discussion and debate. Our goal is to make the simulation as realistic as possible with representation from all 193 member states. Due to expenses, however, many schools, teachers, and students do not have the opportunity to participate in our programs.

Help us include students and teachers from around the world to continue to spread knowledge and conversation about world issues. Only through collaboration and input from diverse people with different perspectives can we create lasting change!

Click the DONATE button to contribute to the MMUN Scholarship Fund. The funds collected will benefit teachers, students, and schools who seek to attend MMUN conferences and MMUN Teacher Workshops on a need basis.

We value your participation and contribution to making MMUN more inclusive.

Want to become an MMUN sponsor?

Contact caitlen@nullmontessori-mun.org to find more information on how to receive prominent recognition by becoming an MMUN Gold/Platinum Sponsor.


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