Preparation for the Youth Impact Forum Showcase

Preparation for the Youth Impact Showcase

Specific materials are required for the project showcase, including a foam project board as well as a digital and paper flyer.

Conference Details

  • Information about the YIF

    How Do We Prepare Adolescents for The Times in Which They Live and The World They Will Inherit?

    An adolescent is in the “social embryo” stage of development, meaning they are awakening to the problems of society. They are now studying society through the lenses of “why” and “how” rather than “what”. They no longer gather facts for information or intellectual knowledge but to develop social understanding.  On the verge of entering adulthood, adolescents turn their focus toward social justice. This marked change  from  their  years  as  an  elementary  student  demonstrates  the emerging awareness of fairness in the adolescent as a deep social value.
    The Youth Impact! Forum project guides students to identify a specific local problem that concerns them and their community, and then provides the tools to create an environmental or social action project in response. The social cohesion of the adolescent development becomes a launching pad to implement projects that transform their community and valorize their work. It prepares them for a life of civic engagement.

Student Showcase Materials

Discuss and engage with other students, experts, and investors, it is required that they develop their promotional materials for their proposed project idea. These materials include:

  • Easel board display (24×36 inches on foam board)
  • Proposed project summary sheet (letter size paper: front and back)
  • Proposed pitch to be given during the showcase
  • Any materials for auditorium presentation for 8 exhibitors
  • Any eventual prototypes

These materials need to detail all the salient information on the proposed project, its development status, and what the student is requesting for support.  The easel display materials MUST include the “required” information indicated in the following table and the students are encouraged to use images and diagrams to make the easel display eye-catching. The details should be left for the printed flyer (front/back letter size) as well as the additional topics listed in the following table. 

Specifications of the Displays

Each YIF student must create and bring a project display board (24×36 inches on foam board) with the requested information from the previous section.  Please also include the YIF logo on this board, as well as the relevant SDG logos (we provide the logo files).  This project display board will be held on an easel next to each student as he/she pitches his/her project idea to other students and experts during the showcase fair.  

Your display board must also include a sleeve to hold any flyers you will be providing for distribution.

Download YIF logo

Download template

Download SDGs images

Specifications of the Project Flyer

The sample flyer must cover all of the topics in the previous table – the format should be front/back printed letter size paper (approx. 10 copies of each proposed project). MMUN has developed a template in Power Point with some icons that can be used for your flyer or you can develop your own. The editable digital file (NOT PDF) should be sent to before the 15th of February 2019 at 3:00PM Eastern. 

Download YIF logo

Download template

Download SDGs images


If you have a prototype, please contact to ensure appropriate facilities for showcasing your prototype near your easel board. We need to know the size, whether you require a table for support, and any electricity requirements you will have by the 20th of January 2019.

Conference Fees

Conference Package Participant Fee
Starting at 602 USD for quadruple occupancy

This fee covers your participation in the conference, the venue costs, personnel costs, and hotel costs. View Conference Package: What is included and what is not included?

Cost is per person for ALL participants (delegates, observers, chaperones, teachers, visitors).

Services included in conference fees will not be sold or booked separately.

Conference Package Participant Fee for Local Residents
400 USD

Option available ONLY to those schools with registered locations within a 50 mile radius of the venue.

Visitor Fee
Starting at 602 USD for quadruple occupancy

If you are not a member of a school group and would like to attend a MMUN conference, you can register yourself as a visitor paying the participant registration fee.

Key Dates

Opens 21st November 2018

Registration possible for:

  • Country Selection (Step 1)
  • Room-Type/Occupancy Selections and Payment of Participant Fees (Step 2)
  • Participant Data Entry (Step 2)
  • Rooming List Assignments (Step 2)
  • Conferences fill-up fast so reserve your school’s place as soon as possible (Step 2)

Conferences fill-up fast so reserve your school’s place as soon as possible with your country selection(s) and ensure your first choice of accommodations.

Deadline for Payments without late fees and Refunds: 10th December 2018

  • Final Deadlines for full payment of registration and accommodations without late/liability fees.
  • No refunds are possible after this data, including cancellations for any member of a delegation.
  • Increases in delegation size subject to availability, as well as include a surcharge for the late / liability fee.

For additional information about deadlines, refunds and penalties, please click here

Deadline for Project Specifications, Final Logistics and Full Payment with Late/Liability Fees:
23rd January 2019

  • Last date for:
    • Submission of all Project Specifications (you will be provided a link for uploading all these materials, as a follow-up from your YIF project registration), including an overview of your project description.

  • Communication to MMUN ( of:
    • Flight information (to receive your dedicated registration time-slot)
    • Final Payments for Conference Registration and Accommodations with levied late/liability fees

Deadline for Final Flyer Content:
15th of February

The editable digital file of the sample flyer (word, google sheets, etc.) must be sent to  by the 15th of February.

Optional activities

Post conference Official Tour

Find the program here

Additional Logistical References

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