A series of pamphlets created for both novice and experienced delegates,
teachers, schools, and parents to help them better understand the MMUN
program and its wonderful processes.

Youth for a Better World

Discover Our International Year-long Programs

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MMUN for IB Schools

Discover our Program

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MMUN Volunteer & Internship Program 2021-22

Why Join MMUN Angels?

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MMUN Volunteer-Internship Tiered Program Benefits 2022

Discover More

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Fundraising Ideas

Ideas and templates for fundraising activities

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Yearbook 2021

Memories and much more from 2021 Online Conferences

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Yearbook 2019 – 2020

Memories from 2019 and 2020 Online and Onsite Conferences

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Yearbook 2019

Memories from 2019 MMUN & YIF Events

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Yearbook 2018

Memories from 2018 MMUN Conferences

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Why Press Corps

Understanding the Benefits and Differences

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Observer States

Learn about Holy See and Palestine

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Map Your Heartbreak Map Your Impact

Download the Template

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MMUN Climate Summit

A three-day online event bringing together youth from around the world to collaborate on solutions for the current climate crisis

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Delegate Prep Program

Discover YFBW Delegate Prep Program for Middle School Students!

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MMUN 2021-2022 Year-long Program

Discover the Delegate’s Journey for the New MMUN 2021-2022 Year-long Program

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