Plagiarism Policy

MMUN Plagiarism Policy

MMUN defines plagiarism as the known attempt to use the thoughts, ideas, or words of someone else as their own.

Position Papers are required to have proper citations. When writing a position paper, delegates must cite work properly, not only to avoid plagiarism, but to effectively use a quote to bolster a position. In order to avoid plagiarism, a delegate should only use the exact words or ideas of a source in a quotation with proper citations. Plagiarism or allegations of it will be dealt with holistically, with consequences including the demotion to observer status or expulsion from the conference.

The Design artwork and any accompanying text submitted for MMUN design competitions must also be completely original in both concept and creative design. All entries must be created solely for the current contest. Artwork from previous contest submissions or artwork that is based upon ideas or images created by others is not acceptable for submission. MMUN reserves the right to request proof of originality from the delegate’s school at any time. Noncompliance with this rule will result in immediate disqualification. Participants are solely responsible for any infringement of copyrighted materials, as well as, any production and/or material costs MMUN incurs following the known or inadvertent submission of a plagiarized image.

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