On-site Logistics

Q: Where can I find more information about the conference schedule?

The Conference information page will have a tab named “EVENT Schedule”. If you want to download the tentative PDF schedule, you can download it from the conference page which you would like to attend. Please note that MMUN reserves the right to change the conference schedule at any time.

Q: What are check-in procedures like? 

To improve our registration process and decrease wait times, we assign registration appointment windows to teacher coordinators based on the arrival time information provided in Step 3.

On-site registration check-in with MMUN is separate from the hotel room check-in. During on-site registration check-in with MMUN, we only release the credentials and packets to the registered teacher coordinator. Teacher-coordinators must provide identification when they arrive to pick up the schools’ packets. Please note that only the MMUN coordinator is permitted at on-site registration check-in.

Hotel check-in usually begins at 4:00 pm and is handled directly by the hotel staff (often in a dedicated area for MMUN conference attendees).

Q: Does it matter which one goes first (e.g. You can’t check-in the hotel room until you have done the MMUN check-in)?  

These are two different processes and it does not matter which one happens first. Chances are you will finish our on-site registration first, and then proceed to the hotel check-in.

Q: How long does the on-site MMUN registration process usually take? 

On-site registration is only for the teacher coordinator. Your group should not be present in the immediate check-in area.  Usually, we will have a dedicated room with step and repeats for student enjoyment while teacher coordinators are finalizing their conference check-in.

Q: How long does hotel room check-in take?

Hotel check-in is conducted by the hotel and depends upon many factors regarding your delegation’s accommodation characteristics and on the hotel’s room turnover. Therefore, it is hard to give you a timeframe for this aspect. There are many factors that affect timing both with hotel check-in and on-site registration. 

As with any hotel, not all rooms will be available right at 4:00 pm. Room availability is based on the room block availability, in conjunction with the hotel check-outs and housekeeping preparation. Marriott rewards members are automatically permitted to check out at 4:00 pm and naturally those rooms will not be ready until later (so rooms that were previously occupied by rewards members will become available only afterward).

There is no way for us to know how quickly you will be able to get into your rooms, so it’s best to plan other activities for your students in case you have to wait.

Once you have checked-in at the hotel desk after 4:00 pm, the hotel representatives will contact you as your rooms become available.

Q: Is it possible to get joining rooms?  

The hotel does not offer special room configurations, adjoining rooms, etc., for events this large. Room blocks are configured based upon many factors and there will be a concerted attempt to locate rooms in the same floor area (whenever possible and not guaranteed). We will pass on special cases to the hotel for consideration, but they have repeatedly and definitively indicated that they cannot provide guarantees.

For groups with large room blocks, the hotel’s goal is to try to whenever possible provide one room earlier than the others in the group so that you can use it for changing and luggage until the other rooms become available.

Q: What happens if a parent observer who is part of the group will get there late (even perhaps the next day)? Does this person need to be checked-in by MMUN when he arrives? 

If this person is part of the school group, then the teacher coordinator is responsible for obtaining the observer’s credentials at the school’s on-site registration check-in. If the person registered as a separate “Visitor” (i.e. not associated to the school group registration), s/he should proceed to conference services during registration hours.

Q: Are students allowed to bring a little drawstring backpack in the committee sessions (to keep their binder, pencils etc.) together? Are water bottles allowed in the sessions? 

They can bring a small bag; however, they cannot bring in any food (unless medically necessary) or anything distracting to the committee session. Water will be available in each committee room so bottled water is not necessary. Remember that there are no laptops or cell phones permitted in the committee rooms except for translation purpose. Otherwise, the cell phone must remain off and in a backpack or purse.

Q: Will we be oriented when we get there on where the sessions are, the basic logistics of things? Are there any tips or advice you would give us, as it is our first time and we have such a big group?

Orientation will be part of on-site registration and you will also receive a program book which should answer most of your on-site questions. The MMUN team will also be available to answer any questions you may have.

Q: Does MMUN along with the Marriott designate an area where groups may sit and have lunch together? (e.g. I order pizza for the group of 30, can we sit somewhere in the hotel to eat it together, where they may have tables and chairs or a bench?) 

Unfortunately, there are no cafeteria type areas in the Marriott Marquis. Hotel policy does not permit outside food to be brought into public areas or meeting rooms. If you order carry-out pizza or buy groceries to make sandwiches for your students, you must eat in your hotel room(s).

The Marriott generally does offer a buffet style lunch targeted for students at their restaurant if you are interested in eating in their restaurant.

Q: Is the MMUN team responsible for making arrangements for the UN official tours?

No. You will need to contact the United Nations for more information at (212) 963-8687.

Q: Are student delegates required to participate in the celebration and cultural performance night events?

All students and conference participants are welcome to attend the evening events as performers or spectators. Both, the Cultural Performance Night and Celebration Night with performers events aim to extend cultural understanding and provide opportunities for student delegates to make new friends. Although we encourage school groups to submit a Cultural Performance application, it is not a requirement.

Q: Can my students be part of the audience if they are not performing at the cultural night event?

Yes, all participants are encouraged to attend the evening events.

Q: Are student delegates required to prepare and bring to the conference a country display board?

Yes, as part of the process to learn about their chosen country, students are asked to create a freestanding display board. They are displayed during the conference providing an overview of the international breadth of the event. These displays locations are assigned by MMUN and organized by regional groups. Students enjoy studying each other’s displays between sessions.  Take the chance to tour the world while at MMUN.

Q: Is my group required to complete on-site registration check-in?

Yes, you will pick up your conference materials and credentials during on-site registration check-in that takes place just before the Opening Ceremony. Day and hours of on-site registration vary by conference. Check your conference schedule for more accurate information. MMUN will send you your confirmed on-site registration check-in times taking into consideration your preference indications from Step 3.

Q: Can an adult chaperone register my group on-site if the MMUN Certified Teacher is absent?

If the MMUN Certified Teacher plans not to attend the conference, s/he must register the parent or adult chaperone that will serve as the on-site group coordinator (in Step 3). As long as the parent or adult chaperone is registered online as the group coordinator, then s/he can collect the conference materials at Registration.

Q: Must all adults and students be registered and have paid the conference ‘Participant Fee’ to attend the conference?

Yes, all students and adults wishing to attend the conference must register and pay the conference ‘Participant Fee’ through the MMUN website. Onsite registration and credentialing are only available to participants who have already registered online.

Q: Is it possible to register adults and students on-site if I missed the online registration deadline?

No, all registrations must be done online.

Q: Is it possible to submit the Cultural Performance Night application on-site if I missed the online application deadline?

No, all applications and music must be submitted within Step 3 deadline (roughly 8 weeks before the conference).

Q: Does my group need anything else but their conference ID badges to attend the Closing Ceremony at the UN?

Yes. Apart from the conference ID badges, all participants must have their government-issued identification and UN entrance passes. These passes will be distributed on-site 1-day prior to the Closing Ceremony (see the conference schedule for more details).

UN Security has also tightened over the last couple years, and they will be checking government issue identification which should match your MMUN Credentials.

Q: How, when, and where do I get the entry passes to the UN Venue for the Voting & Closing Ceremony?

Depending on the conference location and the UN protocol, the distribution of UN entrance passes vary. The standard protocol is to have group coordinators check-in at a dedicated location for distribution of the passes the day prior to the Closing Ceremony. All details will be announced during the conference onsite, based upon the final communications from UN security. They will then receive their UN entrance passes and will receive guidance on bus boarding and line-up procedures, location, and times. In event of any procedural change, group coordinators will be notified on-site at registration on day 1.

Please note that the schedule of the Closing Ceremony at the UN or FAO is highly variable and subject to last minute changes. It will be finalized by the UN security mid-conference and published for MMUN participants at that time. Changes may still occur onsite at the UN based upon security traffic and UN GA usage. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you commute to the UN using only our bus service, to ensure that you arrive on time and are able to be escorted through security with our group.

Q: Can a ‘Chaperone, Observer, or Visitor’ attend both sessions of the Closing Ceremony at the UN?

Due to capacity restraints of the General Assembly and by UN Security protocols, each participant may attend only one closing ceremony at the UN (either upper elementary or middle school) which is defined during the registration process of Step 1 as they are associated to either elementary or middle school.

Q: Who will advise, guide, and direct the teachers, parents, and students through the preparation process prior and at the conference?

The Montessori Model UN Program, founded by Judith Cunningham, has a group of core staff which work closely with schools on the preparation process. Webinars, infographics, newsletters, and guidelines are developed throughout the year to assist you in the different details from content to logistics for preparing for participation at the conference. During the conference, the staff will direct committees, conduct teacher workshops, and advise students on the progress of their resolutions. The Montessori Model UN staff come from a diverse background in life and education that makes our team not only unique but also very successful.

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