OBSERVERS: Holy See & Palestine

OBSERVERS: Holy See & Palestine

MMUN is dedicated to providing the truest United Nations simulation possible. With that in mind we offer a unique opportunity; to represent The Holy See and Palestine in MMUN’s committees.  It’s a chance for students and teachers to enlarge their understanding of the UN, by learning about Permanent Observers and Non-member States. The Holy See was granted Permanent Observer status early on (1964 i.e. long before many states joined the UN) Palestine conversely did not become a “Non-permanent Observer State” until 2012 with a GA vote of 138 in favor and 9 against. They have jurisdiction (at different levels) over some territories:

The Holy See has jurisdiction on an administrative land, i.e. the Vatican City State, and has religious (and moral) jurisdiction over significant territories where its worshippers reside.

Palestine has jurisdiction over territories which is recognized by most of the member countries, and a presence at the OHCHR (Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights).

Although the Observer States are not permitted to vote on the resolution, they are allowed a one-minute speech before the final vote. This may be a call to action or simply a request for a moment of silence. The special nature of these Observers allows them an important and distinct role at the MMUN. This is a chance for students to study and represent two of the most influential – and sometimes controversial – actors at the UN and in the world, whose Delegates are often able to steer resolutions towards unexpected paths.


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