MMUN Nomenclature

MMUN Nomenclature

Montessori Model United Nations utilizes the following nomenclature at conferences.  Please become familiar with the following terms to prepare for a conference.

Who is part of the simulation?

Distinguished Delegate

At the UN, the term “Honorable” is never used to address UNGA or UNSC member states (delegates), or anyone in the room.

The Bureau

What was referred to as the Dais. This group consists of the Chair, Vice Chair, Rapporteur and MMUN Secretariat of each committee.

The Secretariat

Also called as MMUN Secretariat, s/he acts as a Mentor to the Bureau.

The Closing Bureau

Closing Bureau, composed of three delegates, is selected by delegates to represent committee and present the draft resolutions at the Closing Ceremony.

Member States

Delegates representing countries that are members of the United Nations

Simulation Elements:

Adopting the Agenda

Decided by the Committee Bureau prior to the conference and posted on the MMUN website.

Formal Meeting

The equivalent of formal debate phase in Traditional MMUN, where there is a speakers list, but in this case, the speakers list is set in advance with right of additions for dissent or special circumstances

Informal Consultations

The equivalent to un-moderated caucus, but relatively different in the nature of negotiation as it begins with blocs first meeting with one another to reach consensus of their positions. Informal Consultations follow the speeches in the flow of MMUN formal meeting.

Formal Consultations

The equivalent of Moderated Caucus with the addition of the Line by Line Review process. Delegates can motion for Formal Consultations with a fix speaking time and interventions. This is when Delegates can signal their readiness to negotiate with like-minded Member States.

Line by Line Review

Final reading and reviewing of the draft resolution with the purpose of building consensus among Member States.

Action Phase

The final phase of the simulation, where adoption by consensus occurs, or by a formal vote.


If you have questions that are not addressed on our FAQ page or elsewhere on the website, please contact us at info@nullmontessori-mun.org

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