Negotiating global solutions within the UN

Negotiating global solutions within the UN

Authentic UN Experience

Here at Montessori Model United Nations our intention is to support each delegate’s experience in learning about his/her world and to give her/him a platform to voice creative solutions to our world’s most profound crises. To that end, we are always moving towards a more engaging and authentic MMUN experience. For this reason, we do not offer prizes or awards for the best delegate or the best speech.

MMUN has created a Model UN simulation program which reflects the actual process of the United Nations. Moreover, with efforts to streamline bureaucracy and lower the number of motions, we allow more time for delegates to negotiate and to dedicate themselves to the real work of committee session. Furthermore, by implementing the line by line review, we have even more tools to reach consensus, which is truly the ultimate expression of the United Nations vision.


The United Nations Department of Public Information has provided indications to help Model UN programs more acutely reflect the way the real UN works. As a result of MMUN’s participation in the workshop, and under the guidance of Mr. Yotive, an UNDPI representative, we have created a closer simulation of real UN procedure and its decision-making structure.


A closer simulation of real UN procedure provides student delegates with:

  1. An enhanced understanding of how the UN resolves complex problems,
  2. Streamlined procedures allowing every delegate the opportunity to give their opening speech,
  3. Increased time in open negotiation, and
  4. Consensus building process based upon line by line review of the draft resolutions.

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