MMUN Opening Ceremony & Flag Procession

MMUN Opening Ceremony & Flag Procession

The Opening Ceremony begins with a Parade of the Nations, where each country delegation (composed of two flag bearers) displays their homemade flag.  This formal ceremony launches the simulation where students publicly represent their country delegation.

Please see the MMUN YouTube Channel and MMUN Official Facebook account for videos of the Opening Ceremony of MMUN conferences.

Development of the Flag

Students are asked to research their country’s flag to understand what the colors are and what other symbols represent. Then, they can create their own flag, which will be part of the Parade of Nations at the MMUN Opening Ceremony.

Preparation for the Opening Ceremony

During the third step of the registration process, teachers are asked to provide the names of the 2 flag bearers for the Opening Ceremony.  These two individuals will then have a rehearsal time before opening ceremony (please check the relevant conference schedule) for the Parade of Nations.


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