Bureau Leadership Structure

MMUN Bureau Leadership Structure

The MMUN Bureau is responsible for guiding all committee sessions and its members act as mentors for the delegates. Bureau members are teachers, university or high school students, who have attended at least one MMUN Conference. The Bureau, together with the Bureau Liaisons, manage, review, and report on all the position papers for each conference, around 4000 a year. The structure of the MMUN Bureau is designed to offer opportunities to cultivate and hone crucial leadership skills. The two main divisions are Senior and Junior Bureau Members. 

The Senior Bureau Members are the Secretariat, Presiding Chair, and Senior Chair. The Senior Bureau Members all have many years of experience with MMUN as teachers and/or bureau members. They maintain and protect the environment of the committee session, ensuring formality, positivity, and inclusivity at all times. The Senior Bureau Members lead the position paper review process and act as mentors for the Junior Bureau Members.

The Junior Bureau Members are the Chairs, Vice Chairs, and Rapporteurs. They are all internship positions and as such, they receive continuous support, guidance, and mentorship. The Senior Bureau Members mentor the Junior Bureau Members toward more senior roles, with the goal of having them guide the committee sessions autonomously as Senior or Presiding Chairs. Junior Bureau members transition upward in the role based on diverse evaluation criteria which highlight responsibility, engagement, and interaction skills.

All Bureau Members are volunteers and donate their time generously to support the next generation of leaders. For all Bureau members, conference fees are waived, transportation to the UN/FAO, as well as hotel accommodation for the duration of the conference, are provided. Furthermore, MMUN strives to acknowledge the essential contribution of experienced Bureau members by offering additional benefits based on merit and service.

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