Hear What People Say About MMUN

Hear What People Say About MMUN


Special Guests

“MMUN is a powerful experience for our young people to come together to listen, negotiate, collaborate and then offer solutions to some of our planet’s most pressing problems. This program is an important step toward achieving our vision of educating for world peace.”

Richard Ungerer, Former Executive Director of AMS


“The next generation of leaders will come from this program. Soon they will be sitting here, and it will be their responsibility to complete what we have left undone.”

H.E. Ambassador Francis Lorenzo


“I would like to support this initiative and encourage all of you to participate. This could have far reaching impact particularly on our ESF programme. It would also promote the A to I programme in countries in which we have little presence so far.”

Andre Roberfroid, Child rights militant, former President of AMI, and Deputy Director of UNICEF



Casa Montessori & Orff, Canada


“At the MMUN Conference, I learned about the limits of the UN and how to form a resolution. I also received several opportunities to speak in front of many people about topics that interest me. I learned how to compromise in order to satisfy my country’s needs as well as have others’ voices heard. This course was definitely one of the more challenging courses I’ve taken.”

Medina Kandil, Delegate, Stepping Stone Montessori school, New Jersey


“At MMUN I learned that any problem can be solved because there is always a solution. I enjoyed writing draft resolutions and doing it with new people I had just met who later became my friends. I liked sharing ideas and l listen to other peoples’ ideas too. I learned
how to speak publicly and with more confidence at MMUN, and I would like to thank my teacher for giving me the opportunity to go to Model UN.”

Angela Dignan, Delegate, The Montessori School of McLean, Virginia


Bureau Members

“Entering my research career, I frame my research questions with target populations in mind; for instance, who do these findings benefit? What kind of an impact can these data have on the world around me? Experiences through MMUN, whether a delegate or bureau member, shape the way young people think about their role in the world.”

Nicole Kunkel, Former Delegate, Bureau Member, Texas


“Working with all those students and listening to their voices with new proposals and solutions to the problems our world is facing gives me so much courage in trying to improve the things I have in hand and take action even though it is just around me.

Marina Estanyol Costa, Bureau Member, Spain


“It’s an inspirational process to encourage the delegates to express their own ideas and to teach them how to discuss ad compromise with other delegates, regardless of their age, culture or place of origin. And it literally improves your leadership capability and your values of being one of the global citizens.”

Sean Zhou, Bureau Member, China


“There was no competition, no vicious tension, but only acceptance, understanding. The delegates were engaged because I saw true passion and concerns in their eyes. Kneeling down and listening to their pure voices, their little hands raised in the air, made me think that if politicians and world leaders would have their mindset, we won’t have war. They are so small yet so passionate and powerful. I have seen hope, hope for the future.”

Lily-Zimeng Liu, Bureau Member, California


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