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Healthy Child Development Series


Curious on how to foster healthy social emotional development with your 8-18 year old? Tune in for our Healthy Child Development Series on alternate Fridays starting June 19th.

How to Recognize and Deal with the Increase in Cyberbullying During and After the COVID Lockdown

During the lockdowns around the world, children are facing increased time in front of devices, through schooling and other online activities.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, with adolescents likely to use digital platforms even more for personal, social and educational purposes, there are more reports of a concurrent increase in cyberbullying. We will discuss what parents and students can do to prevent and mitigate these risks.

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How to Provide for Socialization with Social Distancing?

What are effective ways to maintain socialization when social distancing is still in effect?  Our panel will discuss different ways to support this crucial element of daily life, despite social distancing.  Tips and guidelines on ways to ensure companionship and engagement within the immediate family nucleus as well as ways to stimulate exchange with others.

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How to Develop a Sense of Community during Covid: Finding Common Ground in Troubled Times.

During social distancing, community service and engagement has become more important, both for the community overall as well as for its single members. How to connect and maintain a sense of belonging to your local community.

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How to Balance the use of Technology for Youths at Home

Whether you are homeschooling or just surviving the summer, how do you foster healthy device usage (for learning or fun), as well as offer alternatives to offset the devices.

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Additional Resources:


An Essential Guide For Educators on Bullying 2020

For Educators: Ripple Effects 

Student directed online tools that allow youth to choose the challenge/issue they’re going through (e.g. anxiety, bullying, loneliness, parents’ divorce are among the 430 topics, etc.) and then build SEL and resiliency skills specifically around that challenge.

For Parents: Our Powerful Play

Laurel Felt, Ph.D., a consultant for Common Sense Media, has her own site to support families


Global Citizenship Series


Interested in multiculturalism and solidarity during the aftermath of COVID-19? Join us this summer on alternate Fridays to hear panelists from different disciplines provide their insight on fostering youth development as world citizens.

Using Today’s International Affairs as the Medium for Teaching Social and Global Studies

COVID-19 has demonstrated how interdependent and interconnected we are. Given the reality of our global world, how can schools leverage international events to teach a global perspective? Social and global studies focus on the interconnectedness of the human and natural environments and the interrelated nature of events, problems, or ideas. It is important for students to understand that activities or decisions made by individuals or nations in one part of the world can have an important impact on both the local and world environment as well as on people in other parts of the world. Hear panelists discuss activities and guidelines for teaching social and global studies related to current affairs.

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Additional Resources:

Child Soldiers WebQuest: UN Cyberschoolbus

Education for Action – Paper

WIMUN – WFWNA International Model UN


Role of Education in Ensuring Global Citizenship Today

Importance of international education and global citizenship: the stewards of the world? As nationalism has been taking hold around the world, the need to foster a sense of interconnectedness across nations becomes urgent. Hear panelists describe the strategies they use to facilitate exposure to international perspectives and a sense of belonging to the “world.”

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Additional Resources:

The Connective Teacher: Network Learning for a Sustainable Profession – Conference Paper May 2019

Think Equal

It is a global initiative to introduce principles of respectful relationships in the context of personal and social development of young children delivered through books and storytelling.

Solidarity Across Nations during a Pandemic

Pandemics today have been managed through a combination of national initiatives and different international cooperation across governments, scientists, doctors, etc.  Should there be global solidarity? What form could this solidarity take? What role should the UN play as the largest humanitarian inter-governmental body?

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Additional Resources:

Viral Media: The Coronavirus and the Spread of Disinformation

Information Literacy:

Yuval Harari: This is the worst epidemic in ‘at least 100 years’

The UN and Coronavirus

Coronavirus Will Change the World Permanently. Here’s How.



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