FAQ – Registration and Dashboard

Registration and Dashboard

Q: Can I access the school dashboard using the login information I used for last year’s Conferences?

Login credentials created prior to 08/26/2015 are no longer active. Therefore, coordinators registering schools for any new conferences must create their login credentials at the time of registration. Once you have registered your school for a conference and created your login credentials, you will then be able to register for any conference with the same login information. This new function enables coordinators to manage multiple conference registrations with a single login.

Q: I forgot my school login information. Is there a way to retrieve it?

Every time you forget your school login info to access the school dashboard, please know that you can easily retrieve it by clicking on the link “Forgot Your Password?”. The link to retrieve your lost login info is located under the login access tabs on the website homepage.

After clicking on the link “Forgot Your Password?”, you will be asked to enter the email address linked to your school account. Once you submit the email address linked to your school account, an automated email will be sent to that email confirming your login information to access your school dashboard.

Q: Do we need to pay the school registration fee for each conference?

The school fee is a charge per conference/per location. If you want to bring both grades (upper and middle) to participate in the MMUN Conferences held in same location, your school will pay for one registration fee only. However, if you want to register your students for conferences in different locations (Rome, NYC, etc.) your school must pay a fee for each conference.  If you wish to register separate grade levels to have separate dashboards, you will be required to pay the school fee again.  This is why when you register, you will be asked if you are registering one section, or both.  Some school groups want separate dashboard/registrations, and in these cases the school fee must be paid for each section. No refunds will be given in these scenarios.

Q: Why do non-delegates (parents, teachers) need to be registered to attend a MMUN Conference?

Our first commitment to MMUN coordinators, delegates and their parents is safety. To ensure every person attending the conference is credentialed by MMUN and screened by our security staff as well as the UN’s (New York Conferences), we require that everyone be registered online.

Q: Do non-delegates need to also pay the full fee if they don’t want accommodations?

Yes.  ALL participants (delegates, chaperones, and visitors) are required to pay the ‘Participant Fee’ which is inclusive of accommodations.  Each conference varies as to what is included in the ‘Participant Fee’, please see conference information pages for details.

The ‘Participant Fee’ for New York for example; includes access to the conference events, accommodations, access and transportation to and from the UN, as well as portage fees. The hotel requires that to be able for us to use their ballrooms and committee rooms we must all stay there.  MMUN has contracted for all the rooms and as a not for profit, MMUN does not pay taxes which constitute nearly 20% of the additional cost for anyone else booking a room at the Marriott.

Q: What is the suggested ratio of adults to students?

MMUN suggests a ratio of 1 adult for each group of 8 Upper Elementary delegates and 1:12 ratio for Middle School delegates. Although the requirement for each school is to register at least 1(one) adult coordinator to ensure there will be at least one person responsible for supervising delegates on-site at all times. The group coordinator will also be our primary contact if an emergency arises during the conference.

Q: Do we need to submit payment for the ‘Participant Fees’ before assigning a country or countries to my delegates?

In order to select a country for your delegation you just need to register your school and pay the school registration fee. To confirm attendance, you will need to pay the fees for all participants (teachers, students, chaperones, parents, observers, etc.) within the timeline provided by MMUN. However, you can save money by registering your participants early.  Please note, you must match your participants with your appropriate country selection.  If you hold a country with 8 spots, then 3 weeks later decide that only 6 participants are attending, you must release that country and select a country or countries with 6 spots.  Please keep in mind, if you wait and your delegate count changes, you must release your country; however, you run the risk of no other countries being available if the conference is sold out.  This is why it is important to know how many delegates are part of your delegation as soon as possible to avoid this scenario.

Q: I’m the teacher coordinator. Do I have a complimentary registration fee?

No. The conference ‘Participant Fee’ applies to all participants, including teacher coordinators, parents, students and observers.

Q: How many is the minimum number of students required to attend the MMUN conference?

One student is the minimum needed to form a delegation. Keep in mind the individual student will be required to write and submit one position paper per topic, two papers total.


Q: I have an odd number of students in my group, am I allowed to place three (3) students in a committee?

The conference matrix will not allow more than two (2) students per committee. In these unique cases, (1) delegate will have to take on the challenge of both topics in one committee.  Keep in mind, it is not a requirement to make a speech, and it is a choice to be placed on the Speaker’s List.  This is designed so the preparation process is not compromised for the delegates involved, as well as, all delegates in committee session.  MMUN must also adhere to strict capacity guidelines within each committee room.

Q: What if I have only one (1) delegate in a committee?

Because each committee debates and negotiates two topics, that delegate must prepare for both topics and write two position papers. If a delegate submits only one paper, s/he cannot fully represent their country in the committee and will therefore be moved to ‘observer status’ and not be able to engage in any of the committee deliberations from speeches to voting.

Q: What if I cannot find enough information about my country and/or topics on the MMUN website?

Email info@nullmontessori-mun.org for assistance.

Q: How many position papers does each delegation write?

Delegates are responsible for having in depth knowledge about both topics. As a delegation, both delegates are responsible for researching and writing one paper per topic (one topic each), two papers total.  Each Delegate must be familiar with the other topic, as they must share in the thinking and development of both topics.

Q: Do both students in the delegation have to be knowledgeable about both topics addressed by their committee?

Yes, it is critical that both delegates are knowledgeable about both topics so they may both participate in the discussion and negotiations on those topics.

Q: Can I represent the country in which I reside in?

No.  You must choose a country that you do not reside in.

Q: How should I price the cost of each student to attend the conference?

Check your conference page for pricing and additional information.

Q: What is the recommended ratio of adult chaperones and students?

For Upper Elementary, the suggested ratio is 1 to 8 delegates and 1:12 for Middle School students. Teachers know their students best and can therefore adjust the ratio to meet safety and security needs of their group.

Q: How often should I check the dashboard after I have registered my school?

The dashboard and MMUN website should be checked weekly in the months prior to the conference and then daily in the month prior to the conference.  This will ensure that the MMUN coordinator is aware of the details necessary to participate in the conference.

Q: Apart from position papers, what else must be submitted online to MMUN prior to the conference?

After position papers are submitted, the following also must be considered:

a) SEND YOUR FLIGHT INFORMATION – MMUN will then provide you a dedicated registration time slot to reduce waiting times;


c) COMMUNICATE ASSIGNED FLAG BEARERS – Communicate to MMUN the names of two delegates from your delegation that will be the flag bearers at the Opening Ceremony. These delegates will need to be available for rehearsals before the opening ceremony;

d) T-SHIRT DESIGN CONTEST (OPTIONAL) – Submit your students designs by e-mail for the T-shirt Design Contest;

e) CULTURAL EXCHANGE EVENT (OPTIONAL) – Submit your schools’ application for Cultural Exchange Night (including any soundtrack files required);

f) POST-CONFERENCE OPTIONAL ACTIVITIES – Include all applicable post conference tours

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