Cultural Exchange Event

Cultural Exchange Event

Highlight your talent at the MMUN Culture Exchange Night. Share your native country’s culture or MMUN country’s culture with students, teachers and parents and help make the MMUN event even more international and entertaining.

All conference attendees, performers or not, are welcome to join us at the Cultural Exchange Event.

Application Requirements

  • Duration of performances must be no longer than 2 minutes for group performances, and 1 minute long for solo performances.
  • IF any sound track is needed, please have the file in MP3 or MP4 format saved on your computer prior to submitting the application form for your group. You will be asked to upload it while filling out your form online. Please note the file size must not exceed 10MB(megabytes).
  • EACH school must fill out one application form per performance.
  • ONLY ONE application form is acceptable per school. Schools registered for both grade levels (Upper Elementary and Middle School) can submit information and soundtrack files for up to 2 performances.
  • [!] Applications will NOT be accepted after the deadline or on-site.

Application Instructions

  1. Fill out the application form on your school dashboard, and
  2. Upload the sound track file (if applicable).


The last date to submit your Cultural Exchange Event application varies by Conference:

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