MMUN Country Display Board

Country Display Boards

Students work together to create a display board about the country they will represent at MMUN.

The Country Display is exhibited in the conference hallways for all the participants to view and learn about the different delegation countries. This display generally contains key national information and background, generally addressing:

      • “Fundamental Needs of People Chart”
      • Engagement with different senses (sight, smell, touch and hearing)
      • Activities for interested individuals to learn more about this country

Instructions for MMUN Coordinators:

1. Use the research guidelines provided in Chapter 4 of your teacher manual to do initial research on the country that your school was assigned by MMUN.

2. Have students discuss what and how they want to display the information. A good starting point is discussing what is important to your assigned country and what should students from other schools know about your assigned country.

3. Find similar points of interests – this an indication of a starting place for different smaller projects to contribute to the greater display board.

4. Attention to the display presentation and sizing requirements –  trifold or bifold free-standing poster boards are recommended as long as the display dimensions don’t exceed 36″ (width) and 48″ (height).

5. Let students be creative with details. Everyone has at least one special talent – encourage drawing, painting, writing, sculpturing, or some other unique way to express their ideas.

6. Allocate time in class to brainstorm and work on the display board, or assign it as homework. Examples of what past students have included on their country display boards:

• A map with major landforms, cities, and transportation systems;display board china

• Photographs or hand-drawn pictures of their country’s flag;

• Examples of games, which are played by the children in the country with instructions how to play;

• Samples of art and crafts that are part of the country’s culture; and,

• Maps painted by the students with interesting facts about their country’s people, flora, and fauna.

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