Year-long Program plus NYC March Conference

March 20-23, 2024

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September 15, 2023 10:00 am
America/New_York (EDT)

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New York Marriott Marquis Hotel
1535 Broadway
New York
NY 10036



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With pomp and circumstance, the formal Opening Ceremony starts with the Parade of Nations. Inspirational words from UN Ambassadors, music and stories shared by young social entrepreneurs and activists are highlights of the opening night.The delegates are inspired and energized for the next days’ committee sessions.


Students, teachers and parents peruse the culture and history of each of the nations represented at the conference, in a Hall of Nations visual display.
Each “delegation” designs a creative display of what they have learned about the country they represent.This process involves artistic expression side-by-side with research.
Parents, teachers, and chaperones have the opportunity to observe the proceedings in each of the committee rooms. Workshops by a variety of relevant speakers are held at the conference venue in the morning and afternoon.
Committee sessions begin with introductions by Bureau Members. The Bureau reviews the Rules of Procedure, conducts roll call, presents the topic at hand, and then formally opens the floor for delegations to present their speeches.
The speech is an opportunity for students within a delegation to explain their country’s position on a topic and the solutions they propose.
The delegates work to express their positions and hear the opinions of others, engaging in formal and informal discussion, negotiation and collaboration.
Once a draft resolution is finalized, voted, and reaches consensus within the committee, the members silently vote for a three delegate “Closing Bureau” to present it at the Closing Ceremony.

Day Three

Equipped with operational knowledge and useful tools for negotiation, the student delegates continue to run the committee sessions for a second day, usually completing the first topic and then moving enthusiastically onto the second.
Adults are impressed with the fact that the young students work independently with only procedural guidance offered by the Bureau. In the evening, they attend the conference socials where they have relax and fun with new found friends. In the evening, students participate in a Cultural Performance event, watching or performing musical numbers or skits that represent their own culture or the culture they learned about.

Closing Ceremony

During the ceremony, the Closing Bureaus for each committee summarize their draft resolutions before all of the other delegates, parents, and teachers. The committees vote or pass their draft resolutions by consensus to finalize a resolution, and the committee stands to receive resounding applause for successful cooperation.These young people experience the thrill of successful negotiation and collaboration. All resolutions are published on our website for participants to review and are forwarded to the UN Secretary General.
The formal Closing Ceremony is certainly the culmination of four months of persistent work at home and in school, two days on-site during the conference. More than these, it is a right of passage for young people who have experienced that they have both an individual and collective voice. Every student – from the shy and quiet ones to the bold and courageous – leave the conference with better sensitivity to the needs of other people and are armed with the awareness of their abilities to impact the world.

Key Dates

September 15th, 2023 10.00 AM ET

October 18th, 2023

October 18th, 2023

December 6th, 2023

January 10th, 2024


The cost of the year-long program with an onsite conference includes a fee of $1.92 to cover the direct costs for the use of the General Assembly for the Closing Ceremony, which is a separate, optional event. The UN does not guarantee the use of the General Assembly Hall. In the event the General Assembly Hall is not available this amount will be refunded and the Closing Ceremony will be in the Marriott Ballroom.


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