The World Needs to Listen


We are profoundly distressed and outraged by the murder of George Floyd. Our hearts go out to his family and to the friends that knew him. The blatant disregard by the police for Floyd’s life brings into sharp focus the institutionalized racist violence in the US, which has taken countless black lives. The harsh inequalities of this institutionalized racism have created unequal opportunity, reduced hope, dreams deferred, and a lack of justice for so many around the globe.

We stand in solidarity with the thousands of peaceful protesters in the United States and so many cities around the world seeking an end to a racist system of inequality and prejudice. We stand beside them in a call for reform of our educational, judicial, economic, and political systems and an end to all forms of institutionalized racist violence.

But the path forward begins with valuing one another equally. The diversity of voices, of histories, and cultures is what weaves the rainbow fabric of humanity. When one of those voices is silenced, we are all diminished. It is a long road to dismantle these institutionalized injustices, and it begins with each of us, our actions and very often our lack of action. If we are to heal these deep open wounds, we must continue working together, identifying privilege, empowering one another, and standing up against oppression in all its forms. Together we can move forward and create the world we all need.


The MMUN Team 

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