Considering MMUN Online? See Our Resources to Help Teachers and Families Plan

Considering MMUN Online?

See Our Resources to Help Teachers and Families Plan


The online experience enhances every participant’s experience with more opportunities to be heard. We have cut committee sizes in half and added an extra session to the schedule. One 3-hour session every day for 6 interactive days – spread out over two weekends. It is simply the most focused, accessible, and inclusive MMUN experience yet!

Why MMUN Online? – Watch the Video!

Understanding MMUN Online – Watch the Video! 


 > Watch the Video on MMUN Youku Channel! 


> Download the 2020-2021 Online Conference InfographicUPDATED On January 14th, 2021 

with Schedules, Optional Activities, and Outtakes from May 2020 Online Conferences!

 > Check the MMUN Connects Year-round Program  *

Registered Delegates, Teachers, and Parents learn, share, and exchange ideas with each other throughout the school year*.

*Year-round activities included in the conference package at no additional charge!

 > A Delegate’s Journey for the New MMUN Online Conference  UPDATED On January 14th, 2021 

Follow a delegate’s journey to discover the new experiences for the 2021 MMUN Online Conferences!

 > Understanding the Online Conference Package NEW!!!

Discover all the new and year-long activities now included in the Conference Package!

 > How Your Delegates Can Participate In Our 2021 Year-long Program UPDATED On January 14th, 2021 

2020- 2021 MMUN ONLINE CONFERENCE REGISTRATION GUIDELINES (Updated on January 14th, 2021)

 > Download the Guidelines  



2020-2021 Updated Policies

Please read and download the UPDATED MMUN Complete Policies
(Conference Policies, Online Privacy Policy, Website Terms of Service)

 > UPDATED MMUN Complete Policies


Making Life Easier for Teachers During Challenging Times

Find out what MMUN Online Conferences can do for you as you plan the school year ahead.

 > Download the PDF! 



How to Register in the MMUN Portal

Getting Excited about Today’s Hot topics at the MMUN Conferences for the 2020/2021 School Year

Press Corps: What it is and how to prepare

Why Is MMUN for My Child?

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